Fournier-Guillemette, Rosemarie photo

Member Profile: Rosemarie Fournier-Guillemette

Rosemarie Fournier-Guillemette, lecturer at UQAM Why did you choose Translation Studies? I took an undergraduate course taught by Lori Saint-Martin called “Questions on literary translation,” and that’s when I discovered translation studies. All of a sudden, my research interests, which until then I could not bring together, converged: literature, philosophy, languages, contact with the Other […]... Read More
Merkle, Denise

Member Profile: Denise Merkle

Why did you choose Translation Studies? I feel that translation and Translation Studies chose me to some extent. I grew up in Toronto, a child of immigrants. Translation was part and parcel of daily life. After improving my command of French at the undergraduate level, I earned an M.A. in translation. From working as a […]... Read More
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Member Profile: Isabelle Collombat

Why did you choose Translation Studies? Actually, I first chose to be a translator, then I became a translation studies scholar. As a translator, I am motivated by the same things that motivate me as a translation studies scholar: the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity through a wide range of themes, subjects and approaches. Translation […]... Read More
Georges Bastin

Member Profile: Georges Bastin

The Canadian Association for Translation Studies is proud to launch a new initiative today: member profiles. The series will be published on a monthly basis during the fall and winter terms to encourage our members to get to know one another, learn more about the people they already know, and expand their networks. For our […]... Read More

News from CATS – May 2019

Congress 2019 – Final program The CATS Conference is only days away and the program has been finalized. If you want to join us, it’s not too late to register! You’ll find all the information about registration and accommodation on the Congress 2019 website. We’re pleased to announce that the book draw traditionally held during […]... Read More