Statement on Congress 2021  

L’Association canadienne de traductologie / the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (ACT-CATS) would like to acknowledge and express respect for the decision made by the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA) to withdraw from Congress 2021, as well as the decisions of several other associations who have withdrawn in solidarity. After the cancellation of Congress 2020 […]... Read More
Petkov, Slav

Member Profile: Slav Petkov

Why did you choose Translation Studies? I chose translation studies because I live in a country (Bulgaria) where translation plays quite an important role in culture. In my view, it’s the advantage of small spaces: they’re easily filled with shards of otherness, strangeness, and beauty from everywhere else. It’s exciting to observe these processes and […]... Read More

Member Profile: Wangtaolue Guo

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? Believe it or not, I came to translation studies because I didn’t want to take math classes in college (Let’s be honest. Nobody likes linear algebra…). Before I was accepted into Jinan University in China, I learned that only the students enrolled in Chinese or foreign language departments […]... Read More

Member Profile: Ève-Marie Gendron-Pontbriand

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? Like many people, I discovered translation studies in an indirect manner. Though I’ve always liked languages, I originally planned to go into science. I started off doing a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University. Because I was in the Honours program, I had the opportunity […]... Read More

Member Profile: Brian Mossop

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? I came to TS by chance. First, I became a translator, also by chance. One day in the early 1970s, when I was a grad student of linguistics studying the syntax of Ojibwa, the Indigenous language spoken in the Toronto area, I happened to see a newspaper ad […]... Read More

Member profile: Mukile Kasongo

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? I chose Translation Studies because I wanted to be a freelance translator. However, when I completed my master in Translation Studies, I developed an interest in research. 2. What are you working on at the moment? What are your areas of research? I am completing a PhD in […]... Read More
Photo Christine York

Member profile: Christine York

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? I came to translation studies in a rather roundabout way. After working in documentary film for a number of years, I started taking on freelance translation contracts for film clients when my children were small. After a while, I felt the need to acquire a more solid understanding […]... Read More

Member profile: Stephen Slessor

Why did you choose Translation Studies? My academic and professional careers have led me down many paths, but an interest in languages and writing has been the one constant. I’ve taught Spanish, French and English as a second language at the high school, college and university levels, and worked as a professional writer and editor […]... Read More

2020 CATS conference postponed

Dear participants in the ACT-CATS conference and members of the ACT-CATS community, The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences has informed us that, due to the ongoing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress 2020 will not proceed in its usual in-person format. Some associations will be taking part in an online Congress with […]... Read More

Member Profile: Juan Miguel Zarandona

Why did you choose Translation Studies? Although I was born in Equatorial Guinea, a former colony of Spain in Africa, I moved with my family to the city of Valladolid, Old Castile, as a child. The University of Valladolid, a medieval institution, had a very old School or Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Facultad […]... Read More