Opens sessions and Judith Woodsworth Lecture

35th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies Call for proposals (open sessions, unrelated to the theme) and Judith Woodsworth Lecture York University, Toronto May 29-31, 2023 For the open sessions (unrelated to the theme), see the call for papers. For the Judith Woodsworth Lecture, see the call for papers.... Read More

Member Profile: Ryan Fraser

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? I chose Translation Studies when I was half-way through a doctorate in the French Department at the University of Toronto, and after having studied French- and French-Canadian literature at the University of Manitoba for my BA and MA. These first two diplomas had led me to other languages […]... Read More

Member Profile: Louise Fortier

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? It was a combination of circumstances. In another life, I worked for some of the biggest ad agencies in Quebec as a client service account manager. I worked long hours and sometimes even during the weekend. One day, about 20 years ago, a colleague talked to me about […]... Read More
Louise Fortier Ryan Tal Goldfajn

Member Profile: Tal Goldfajn

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? I arrived to Translation Studies through various routes. First of all there were always at least three languages at home, and as my parents moved countries more languages were added. My father insisted we spoke at home also the new languages, which may sound like getting trapped inadvertently […]... Read More
Teresa Tomaszkiewicz

Member Profile: Teresa Tomaszkiewicz

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? When I studied in the 1980s, there was only one university in Poland where translators and interpreters could go. At that time, in our country, such a profession represented an openness to the world, the possibility of developing relationships with strangers and of getting out of a country […]... Read More

Member Profile: Trish Van Bolderen

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? In my case, applying for graduate studies coincided with a rather belated, though no less urgent, realization that I wanted English and French to be embedded in my day-to-day life—or, perhaps more accurately, that I didn’t want my days to be defined in largely monolingual terms. A few […]... Read More
Chantal Gagnon

Member Profile: Chantal Gagnon

1. Why did you choose Translation Studies? As an undergraduate, I studied translation, literature and secondary French education. After my Bachelor of Education, I wanted to study translation, but I discovered translation studies: the idea of studying the cultural, social and political impacts of translation was really appealing. I decided to do an MA in […]... Read More

Statement on Congress 2021  

L’Association canadienne de traductologie / the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (ACT-CATS) would like to acknowledge and express respect for the decision made by the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA) to withdraw from Congress 2021, as well as the decisions of several other associations who have withdrawn in solidarity. After the cancellation of Congress 2020 […]... Read More